1. How Does Your Pricing Work?
    • It is negotiable. Open to compensation based on:
      • Time – pay for consulting by the hour and minute
      • Project – pay a fixed fee for deliverable work
      • Performance-based – pay for results yielded
      • Free – I volunteer with the Portland, Oregon chapter of SCORE. If you are a local business owner, consider registering as a SCORE client!
  2. Can we pay you with equity instead of currency?
    • I am happy to learn more about your venture.
  3. Will you work remotely?
    • Yes, all services offered by Akoyah LLC can be provided remotely.
    • We have over 20 years experience working remotely over the Internet.
  4. Will meet with us on-site?
    • Yes, unless it conflicts with current SARS-CoV2 (COVID-19) guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and other health authorities.
    • I am fully vaccinated since May, 2021, and stay current with all recommended boosters.
  5. What is the landscape photograph featured on this website?